Customization: Find Your Fit with FRED and FREDDiE

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Every work space is different. Even within the same industry, each space has its own specific set of needs, both labor and layout-wise. Why do so many manufacturers expect that the same AGV will fit every work space? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t. 

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Aerospace. Trucking and logistics. Chemicals. Printing and paper. Textiles. Plastics. Food and beverages. These industries are just a few of many who have increased their adoption of AGV technology. They are quite different from one another and have vastly different processes and needs. And yet they could all benefit from what FRED/FREDDiE have to offer. 

FRED/FREDDiE is one of the most maneuverable and compact (but mightiest) AGVs in the industry. That means it already works well for a wide variety of space configurations, no matter how big or small. Out of the box, FRED is capable of carrying up to 2,500 pounds and towing up to 5,000 pounds, and FREDDiE can carry up to 400 lbs. They both follow easy-to-install magnetic tape paths, so routes can be laid and even reconfigured in under two hours. What’s more, because FRED doesn’t require a wireless connection, complex programming or even any software, its installation costs are negligible. As flexible as FRED/FREDDiE are already, we can still customize them to your specific needs. 

For example, if your work space needs involve moving many smaller items at the same time, you’re not going to want to balance them on one larger AGV. For that instance, we attached a multi-layered rolling cart to the top of FREDDiE. This gives the user the ability to move these items across the space at the same time without having to worry about them falling off or jostling around. The cart is fixed stationary to FREDDiE, so they follow the same path at the same time, which is important when you’re trying to avoid product damage.  And because FREDDiE is so compact, it doesn’t take up much floor space. Having trouble picturing it? Well, that’s what video is for:



We can also integrate FRED/FREDDiE into your conveyor system by making it a conveyer in and of itself, eliminating the need for a human to move goods on and off of the AGV. FRED for instance, can be configured with a small, powered conveyor mounted on its top surface. Imagine what a mobile conveyor could mean for your application. It has the footprint of a small AGV. It can convey goods nearly anywhere in your facility, with the dual functionality of a conveyor and an AGV. And it could be reconfigured at any time, in as little time and as inexpensive as possible. Here’s what that looks like:



Investing in an AGV like FRED or FREDDiE will make your space more flexible even if it’s installed right out of the box. You may only need it to do one thing and one thing only, but that doesn’t mean an AGV’s ability to be modified or customized won’t be important to you. In fact, you might end up adjusting your workflow based on customization options. And although your custom combination of components will be one-of-a-kind, our experience listening to customers in order to understand the different needs and tasks that warehouses have means we’ve probably already tackled a problem similar to yours. In other words: if you can think of it, our team of engineers can probably design it. And your use cases are only limited by needs and your imagination.

Your challenges are unique. So are our solutions. FRED and FREDDiE are tremendous problem solvers even without customization, imagine what they can do when they’re made specifically for you. 


Automation Questions?

Businesses across many industries are now turning to automation technologies as powerful solutions to once unforeseeable material-movement challenges. We’re here to help you navigate the automation landscape, and drive your business forward. To learn more about how FRED and FREDDiE provide easy-to-implement solutions to complex challenges, contact an ASI Automation specialist today at

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