Simple, Durable Automation

FRED is a powerful AGV that is simple to install and operate. Our niche is automating processes that move goods from Point A to Point B. Our AGVs are designed to limit opportunities for downtime and expected to deliver a payback in less than 12 months. FRED’s technology is not intimidating, and results are tangible. Please contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a demo.

“FRED allows our people to use their skills and training instead of just moving product back and forth. It’s amazing that this one robot can make our team so much more efficient and productive.”
-JJ Horigan Director of Operations,
Monarch Brands


“One of the best things about FREDDiE is how simple it is. It’s quick to deploy, dependable, robust and safe while handling a large payload. I showed a few colleagues and within days they were ready to have their own. We plan to purchase the larger FRED model next.”
-Manufacturing Automation Engineer


Read our whitepaper to learn how FRED can optimize your End of Line packaging processes with stretch wrappers, conveyors, palletizers, and more.


Features & Benefits

FRED and FREDDiE make it easy and affordable to realize every competitive edge brought by automation. They boost productivity, efficiency and, most importantly, bottom lines. Learn what makes them:

  • Mobile productivity powerhouses
  • Remarkably simple to set up, use and maintain
  • Extremely flexible in their abilities
    to solve your challenges
  • Built like a tank—inside and out
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