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Fred Vector Boxes-3-1

Let Fred carry loads up to 2,500 lb. or tow 5,000 lb., respectively. Redeploy your workforce where they’re most valuable. And save significant space, money, time, and risk. What could be simpler?


Fred is a towing powerhouse. Why let product take up space at the end of your assembly line when automation can free up space for a new assembly line? The use cases are limited only by your imagination.

Custom Solutions

If you can think of it, our team of engineers can probably design it. Fred AGVs are tremendous problem solvers without customization. But some challenges are unique. So are our solutions.


Increase productivity. Reduce costs. Optimize your facility.

And gain a powerful new competitive edge. Achieving automation's full potential—and blazingly fast ROI—has never been so easy.

What should you expect
when your AGV arrives?

Unload Your Fred

1. Unload Your Fred

Map Out the Route

2. Map Out the Route

Install Magnetic Tape Path

3. Install Magnetic Tape Path

Press Go Button

4. Press Go Button

Fred AGVs complete installation instructions fit on just one page. Barcoding's services teams work with you to ensure a smooth installation.


Download the Fred Benefits Guide

The smartest thing you can do for your workspace is to make it simple. That’s what Fred is designed to do. At Barcoding, Inc., we believe that the future of automation is accessibility—AGVs that can do more for less and with less and can make your life and work easier than ever.