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Frequently Asked Questions

Once Fred or Compact Fred arrives at my facility, how quickly can it begin to operate?

Fred can be operational within 120 minutes of unpacking from the shipping crate.

What should be considered when designing my path for Fred to travel?

Ensure that the floor is clear, and the magnetic tape can adhere to the floor. Make sure any impediments are removed from the path and nothing in the path is within the safety zone. The safety zone is 59” on the sides and 35.5” in front.

Are there any videos to help me get started?

Yes, there are a series of educational and installation videos that can be found on our YouTube channel.

How does Fred navigate?

Fred follows a magnetic tape that is adhered to the floor. It has 2 magnetic sensors, one it the front and one in the back.

How fast does Fred and Compact Fred travel?

Fred can travel up to 2.1 miles per hour and Compact Fred can travel 3.0 miles per hour.

How much weight can Fred and Compact Fred carry?

Fred is designed to carry up to 2500 lbs. and can tow up to 5,000 lbs. Compact Fred can carry up to 400 lbs.

Does Fred need to be connected to my IT infrastructure?

No internet, WiFi, or GPS is required for Fred to operate. Fred has the flexibility to connect to various systems using its 4-pin interface.

Can Fred tow dollies?

Yes, there are 2 hitch and dolly options available for Fred to tow.

How accurate is Fred’s stopping capability?

With our precision stop feature, Fred can stop with longitudinal and lateral precision of better than +/- ¼”.

How long does the battery last?

Fred operates on two 12-volt AGM lead acid batteries. At full charge and constant travel, Fred’s batteries will last approximately 9 hours.

Can a forklift drive over the magnetic tape?

You can drive forklifts and pallet jacks over the tape. If a forklift wheel turns while on top of tape it will be distorted and should be replaced. Dragging forks or skids across the tape may also damage the tape.

Are there any recurring software or license fees?


What are the maintenance requirements?

Fred is designed with simplicity in mind and few maintenance items. Maintenance items include wheels, casters batteries, and motor brushes.

What’s the warranty?

Standard limited warranty is 2 years.

Who is available for post-installation service?

Factory service is available, but Fred is so simple your in-house maintenance team can probably service Fred.



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