& Benefits

FRED and FREDDiE make it easy to automate your workflows, so you can boost your facility’s productivity, safety and bottom line.


Compared to other AGVs, FRED and FREDDiE are remarkably easy to set up, use and maintain.

  • Guided by easy-to-install magnetic tape so you’ll be up and running in two hours
  • Path adjustments are even quicker and easier than initial setup
  • Doesn’t use WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth, so there are never any connectivity issues or hacking concerns
  • No programming, expensive IT support or software maintenance agreements required
  • Fred
    Other AGVs & AMRs
  • 2-hour setup
  • Automated charging
  • Requires no software
  • Requires no ongoing IT
  • Requires no WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth
  • Impervious to hacking
  • Easily adjustable to infrastructure changes
  • Can be maintained by existing personnel


FRED and FREDDiE are mobile productivity powerhouses that create new opportunities for efficiency in your facility and among your workforce. And both drive near-instant business results thanks to the quickest ROIs you can find from any AGV on the market.

  • Works hard and without breaks 24/7/365
  • Reduces product and facility damage caused by human transport
  • Solves labor-shortage issues and employee-training investments
  • Frees up significant space for additional manufacturing lines or warehousing
  • Stuck moving materials
  • Inefficient use of time
  • Unstimulating work leaves little opportunity to problem solve
  • Constrained by labor shortages
  • New labor more expensive to onboard, train & license
  • Often needs to work overtime
  • Redeployed to more valuable tasks
  • Focused & productive use of time
  • New opportunities for stimulating
    work & problem solving
  • Freed up despite labor shortages
  • New labor less expensive to onboard, train & license
  • Enjoys desired work-life balance & more productive shifts
Forklift Traffic image-description
No Forklift - Fred Path image-description


Compared to conveyors, forklifts, pallet jacks and tuggers, FRED and FREDDiE are extremely flexible in their abilities to solve your challenges.

  • Works in nearly any warehouse or indoor space to serve many applications
  • A variety of customizable ways to move goods on and off platform
  • Manage a multitude of load types with up to 2,500 lb carrying and 5,000 lb towing capacities
  • Reconfigure paths at any time to free up floor space or change projects
  • Fred
    Pallet Jack
  • Cost to Install Route
  • Cost to Reconfigure
    Up to $1,000/ft2 +Downtime
  • Cost to Relocate
    Very High
  • Footprint
    Very Compact
    Very Large
  • Customization Ease
  • Carrying Capacity (FRED)
    Up to 2,500 lb.
    5,000 + lb.
    2,500-6,000 lb.
    Up to 11,000 lbs
  • Towing Capacity (FRED)
    Up to 5,000 lb.
  • Ties Up Personnel
  • Automated EOL Integration


FRED and FREDDiE are built like tanks—inside and out. Despite requiring far less maintenance, they can outlast forklifts, tuggers, conveyors, AMRs and other AGVs.

  • Powered by the industry’s most robust wheel drives to decrease maintenance, breakdowns and downtime
  • Heavy-duty steel construction and smart design makes them nearly impervious to damage
  • Super-strong, large, long-lasting wheels easily handle the rigors of repetitive motion


Both FRED and FREDDiE drastically reduce the common risks associated with moving materials. Each includes the same intelligent features to keep your workers, products and facility safe.

  • Handles dangerous tasks to help reduce workers’ compensation claims
  • Safety lasers scan for objects or people in path to bring the AGVs to an immediate stop
  • Blue lights and audible beeps announce travel direction and presence
  • Adjustable speed controls for enhanced safety
  • Reduced or eliminated forklift and tugger traffic create a far safer work environment

Specs & Options

  • 500 lb. empty weight; 2,500 lb. max payload; 5,000 lb. max tow load
  • 52.3” (L) × 44.3” (W) × 10.8” (H) with top plate
  • Up to 0.90” ground clearance for use on uneven floors
  • Two 12V AGM batteries standard
  • Standard platform for 40” × 48” & euro skids for easy loading
  • Bidirectional for operational flexibility
  • 250 lb. empty weight; 400 lb. max payload
  • 43.0” (L) × 22.7” (W) × 9.6” (H) with top plate
  • Up to 0.99” ground clearance for use on uneven floors
  • Two 12V AGM batteries standard
  • Bidirectional for operational flexibility
Towing Capacity
Towing Has Never Been So Easy

The towing option allows FRED to tow loads of up to 5,000 lb. depending on dolly capacity. This option also enables the quick removal of loads without needing to wait for an available forklift.

What’s Included

The towing option uses one of two available spring-loaded hitches (depending on application) to hold the dolly tongue to the hitch on FRED. Dollies are available in diverse sizes to suit your needs.

Contact Charging
Always at the Ready

With contact charging, you never need to worry about keeping FRED or FREDDiE juiced up and ready to go. Contact chargers allow for automatic charging whenever stopped at charging locations.

What’s Included

Contact charging includes a collector mounted on the side of FRED or FREDDiE, a floor pad and a plug-in charger. The charger plugs into a 15A minimum AC power outlet. No power will flow to the contact pads until the AGV connects and the charger detects a battery ready to be charged.

Use Case

Contact charging is ideal in a 3-shift operation. The contact charging location should be selected so FRED or FREDDiE spend the majority of their idle time on the charger. You may also want to use contact charging to ensure they’re automatically charged for a 1- or 2-shift operation. In this case, you want to be sure they stop at the charging location for the full length of any unused shift. It’s possible to install multiple contact chargers if you’re unable to ensure the AGVs can stop at just one location.

Ir Communication
Command Without Commanding

IR communication makes it even easier to collaborate with FRED or FREDDiE. Trigger either AGV using an electronically generated signal.

What’s Included

One IR module is mounted on FRED or FREDDiE and the other is mounted on the user device such that it’s within 1m and has a line-of-sight view of the module mounted to FRED.

Use Case

IR communication is ideal for automating assembly lines. This option allows FRED or FREDDiE to interface with a computer or PLC. Using this interface, FRED or FREDDiE can be commanded to move to their next locations without the need for a person to press a “START/STOP” button.

Signal Connector
Bring on the Third Party

The signal connector allows access to FRED or FREDDiE’s START/STOP buttons via third-party on-board electronics.

What’s Included

The signal connector is a 4-pin connector option offered to system integrators who wish to install onboard electronics on FRED or FREDDiE. The connector provides +24VDC, ground, Go forward, and Go reverse.

Use Case

FRED and FREDDiE have been carefully designed to be as simple to implement into your daily operations as possible. But some applications will require even more computational control over their actions. With the signal connector option, either AGV can be programmed to follow any set of instructions in line with their movement parameters.

Wireless Control
Beckon from Afar

Wireless control buttons duplicate the functionality of the buttons on either end of FRED or FREDDiE, but can be triggered from up to 100 meters away.

What’s Included

All you need—a wireless START/STOP button. Buttons are available in an assortment of colors. One wireless receiver is mounted on FRED. Contact us for details.


Buttons will come from the factory preprogrammed to control either FRED or FREDDiE. Different colors can be set to trigger different directions of travel. The buttons are designed for line-of-site operation. There’s an indicator light on the button which will flash green if FRED or FREDDiE receive a good signal, yellow if a weak signal and red if no signal. If the indicator light flashes red, reposition the button or move closer to either AGV and press again.

Increase productivity. Reduce costs. Optimize your facility.

And gain a powerful new competitive edge. Achieving automation's full potential—and blazingly fast ROI—has never been so easy.



Read our whitepaper to learn how FRED can optimize your End of Line packaging processes with stretch wrappers, conveyors, palletizers, and more.